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We specialize in performance based music lessons.

Here at MMS we're super passionate about band and performance-based music lessons. We believe they're the most effective – and the most fun – way to learn an instrument.

Our experience shows that students who play in a band naturally want to learn as much as they can, including technical skills and music theory, because they want to keep up with their peers and contribute to the rich sound their band produces. This camaraderie helps students make progress faster than they would in one-on-one lessons.

Being among friends makes learning a lot more fun, and whenever learning becomes fun, it becomes easy!

And let’s face it, there just isn’t a lot of glamour in playing by yourself. The greatest amount of fun comes from playing with others.

Here's a list of 7 added benefits of performance based music lessons, they: increase motivation, boost creativity, create team spirit, help overcome inhibitions, promote healthy competition, enhance social development and boost self confidence!


You want to learn how to play an instrument, but you’re a complete novice?

Then the Superstar(t) Program is for you! We’ll teach you all the fundamentals of playing an instrument in just one year.

Similar to our Band Program, students in the Superstar(t) Program learn in small groups. The group promotes an atmosphere of learning from one another. It takes the pressure off of individual students and provides an atmosphere of reassurance and support - all of which contribute to students relaxing and enjoying music more.

By being part of a group, students make progress faster than they would in one-on-one lesson. It's also a lot more fun, and whenever learning becomes fun, it becomes easy!

Along with other beginners, students thoroughly practice all the basics of technique and will be able to play their first real songs after only one lesson. Then, step by step, they’ll add to their knowledge and skill.

After only one year of classes, students have the skills to play in a band and to focus completely on their very favorite music. This is what makes the Superstar(t) Program the perfect preparation for our other programs.


Modern Music School teaches beginners, intermediates and professionals of all ages.

Our lessons include: drums, keys, guitar, bass, and vocals, ranging from the Personal Program for individual and particular interests, to the Band Program, aimed at making progress as a group.


After Work Music

If you have a full time job with a busy schedule and have always dreamed of learning a musical instrument then this program is perfect for you! After Work Music allows you the opportunity to have a creative outlet after a long day of work

Golden Age

The Golden Age program is for any student who is over the age of 50 and has a passion for music! Research shows that learning an instrument is better than any hobby at helping to keep your mind and body young and healthy.

Personal Program

This class is our Premium Package: You get your own individual syllabus, designed by your teacher especially for you and your personal goals. Our Personal Program is the right choice for you if you want to learn more about particular subjects, if you want to get started on a professional career, or if you simply get the most out of having one-on-one classes.

Team Program

Many studies have proven: The best learning environment is within a small group of similarly minded members – which is precisely what our Team Program offers.


But Modern Music School is so much more than just classes. We get our students to perform live and on stage, we present their bands on our website, and we present awards for success. Ultimately, we open up the door to the MMS Community – a network of music fans where everyone is welcome. From the occasional guitar player to the professional vocalist.


Modern Teachers

We know (and research has proven) that great teachers are the single most powerful driver of student performance. It’s why we only give you the best. Our teachers truly care about their students’ interests and needs. They look for what gets students excited to learn; what motivates them, keeps them going and helps them pick up necessary skills along the way. Our teachers inspire students to engage in the learning process wholeheartedly. And since they’re all active musicians and Modern Music School-certified coaches, they have the experience and teaching skills to back it all up.


Modern Methods

Modern Music School’s great methods draw from the latest findings in the fields of neuroscience, applied psychology and motivational theory. There’s a misconception that learning is all hard work and never any fun. But our experience has shown us differently. Presented with appropriate challenges framed by what they’re already interested in, students begin to enjoy the learning process. Learning becomes fun - and when something is fun it becomes easy. Positive Psychology calls this “flow.” It’s a type of intrinsic motivation, where we pursue what we're doing simply because we like doing it.

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A modern environment

To make learning easy and enjoyable we create a great environment. At Modern Music School, students love to learn. When you walk into our schools you’ll see happy, laughing kids. By expressing sincere interest in their lives and well-being, we help them feel respected, understood and valued, and we expect the same from them. Luckily we give them ample opportunity for practice. Music lessons – especially when done in groups – encourage team play, fairness and collaboration. They also foster communication skills, empathy and confidence (and in case you didn’t know, playing music can raise your IQ by up to 7 points).


Modern Music

Fortunately our students contribute an endless supply of great content. They do this by telling us which songs they like to play. By taking their suggestions to heart, we only teach what they want to learn. From pop songs to rock songs to heavy metal - we’re with them. And for the times we can’t be, we’ve created a comprehensive series of textbooks and other learning materials for anyone to use in practice at home. With the help of our international team of pro musicians and acclaimed educators, we continuously release great new content to accelerate our students’ successes. Besides our textbooks, the Playalongs are one of our most popular releases. Playalongs are practice-songs for students to sing along with.


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